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Grazing Farm with Sheep & Implements

25.7 hectare grazing farm - around 19 hectare plowable.

Includes the following:

  • 4 Bedroom house and flat
  • 281 square meters shed
  • Shed for tractors and implements.
  • Borehole.
  • Implements
  • About 300 sheep included in sale

Price: R3.4 million as a going concern.

Commercial Property with Business Rights

Commercial property (2.16ha) on (30.2ha) farm with business rights. Ideally situated to highway on tar crossing.


  • Borehole with adequate water and Eskom electricity.
  • Modern 4 bedroom house
  • Spacious  4 bedroom farmhouse
  • Garage – workshop (12x15m)
  • Newly-built face-brick out-building(9x14m) 
  • Covered structures for vehicles.
  • Servants quarters with toilet and shower.
  • Kraal for livestock.  Property divided into several camps.
  • High security fencing.
  • Massive quarry with abundance of fish.

Price: R3.5 million

Plot with Beautiful House
8.5 Ha plot with the following:

  • Very nice house with a flat
  • 4 Horse stables
  • Planted smuts finger and irrigation
  • Next to tar road

Price: R 1 680 000

Cattle Farm with Neat House

Farm sold as a going concern. Excellent cattle handling facilities.

Includes the following:

  • Neat 5 bedroom house with double facilities.
  • 1.8 meter game fencing.
  • 450 sq.m  barn.
  • Large covered area for animals.
  • Feedlots for sheep, cattle and pigs.
  • 2 Strong boreholes.
  • 100,000 liters cement dam.
  • Water tanks for domestic and other uses.

Price: R3.2 million as a going concern.

Plot with Sow Units

6.7 Ha plot


  • 35 sow units.
  • 3 bedroom house with double facilities.
  • Borehole.
  • Can accomodate 250 pigs.

Price: R1.1 million

Beautiful Game Farm with Weekend Cottage

Beautiful 100 Ha game farm. Thorn trees and raisenbush field.


  • Weekend Cottage
  • Equipped borehole
  • Game
  • Quarantine camp for wild
  • Two waterholes

Price: R3.5 million

Neat Mooibank Plot with Large Dam

6.5 Hectare plot - 4.5 Hectare Irrigated lands

Includes the following:

  • 4 bedroom house with study and double facilities.
  • Unfinished flatlet.
  • Large dam.
  • Security fencing around the house.
  • Awning.
  • Open store.
  • Workshop.

Price: R1.1 million

Neat 8.5 ha Plot in Haaskraal with Irrigation
Includes the following:

  • 2 Houses and a flatlet
  • Beautiful 5 bedroom house with three bathrooms.
  • 1 Hectare with 40 pecanut trees.
  • Unfinished pigsties.
  • 3 Boreholes- one equipped.

Price: R2.4 million

283 Hectare Riverfront Irrigated Farm with Two Houses
283 Hectare farm including:

  • 80 Hectares drylands
  • 2 Houses
  • 30 Hectares scheduled water
  • Large store
  • Pivot irrigation
  • Riverfront

Price: R12.5 million

50 Ha Farm Near Fochville with 3 Houses, Green Houses and Grazing Camps

50 Ha farm near Fochville

Includes the following:

  • 3 houses.
  • 2400 square metres of green houses
  • propagating shrubs and seedlings for nursery in Potchefstroom
  • 13 grazing camps
  • swimming pool
  • koi pond
  • electric fence & alarm systems
  • 2 large stores
  • 5 labour houses
  • cattle and sheep range
  • 2 Boreholes and a spruit.

Price: R2.8 million

Irrigation Farm with Hunting Camp and Management Centre
This beautiful 2483 ha farm includes the following:


  • 267 ha of irrigation water (18 pivots)
  • Additional rights to to irrigate an additional 100 hectares
  • 1297526 cubic meter of water rights per year
  • 238 ha of dry lands and pasture
  • 578 ha pasture
  • 1400 ha game fenced (2.4m)
  • 10 cattle pens with springdip and handling facilities
  • 3 dams, 2 pump stations
  • 12 Worker's homes
  • 12 Equipped boreholes
  • Water-rich environment with fountains
  • Mostly sand / clay soil


  • 3 Thatched chalets (sleeps 12) 399 sqm
  • 11 Shelters and waterholes
  • Trophy room
  • Lapa
  • 5 Hubs bordering Game fence for winter grazing


  • Store and office 2496 sqm
  • 4 Silos
  • Butchery with cold room and storage 190 sqm
  • Good house with apartment 468 sqm
  • Lapa 49 sqm
  • Swimming pool
  • Chalet 28 sqm
  • Storeroom 14 sqm

Price R 85 000 000.00 as a going concern (Only property)

R 110 000 000 .00 with equipment, machinery, and livestock

8.5 Hectare Smallholding in Wilgeboom with House, Store & Pigsties
Includes the following:

  • Large store - 180 square meters.
  • Three bedroom house.
  • Bungalow with bathroom.
  • Three boreholes of which one is equipped.
  • Feed store and two pigsties

Price: R 1,750,000

potch farms for sale
Hi, I'm Murray van der Merwe. My goal is to help you find the perfect farm in the Potchefstroom area. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with me if you have any questions or queries - I am more than happy to help.

Buying a farm is not something anyone should do lightly. As it is a big investment, it should take some careful consideration. Things that are important are:

  • Does the farm have enough water to do what you want to do?
  • Does it have electricity?
  • Is it big enough?
  • Are all the structures/buildings in good condition?
  • etc.

These things, of course, will also determine the price of the farm.

Why is Potchefstroom the perfect place for a farm?

It is no secret that the lack of water caused some major problems for farmers recently. As water gives life, it is of utmost importance for any farmer. Potchefstroom has some natural water resources that has helped a lot of farmers have a successful year. There are farms available in Potchefstroom with boreholes that supply much, much water, even during the dry times.

Farms for sale in Potch

Over time, we will list many farms for sale on this website. We will give as much information and photos as possible to make your online browsing experience a pleasant one. If you are interested in a farm, we will be more than happy to go and show it to you and answer any questions you may have. We hope this website will help you in finding that perfect farm!

No one must purchase a little farm on an impulse. Whatever your factors for buying a small farm or plot in Potchefstroom-- whether it's a going to be your retreat, weekender, pastime self-sufficiency, preservation or farm block, or possibly a financial investment or a working farm-- you should not make any choices before thinking about these essential buying pointers.

1. Utilize a respectable representative

Utilize a representative who recognizes with the city and has a sound understanding of farming land. A lot of representatives specialize in houses. Couple of, nevertheless, specialize in rural homes. When selecting a representative, discover one that can offer precise responses to fundamental farm concerns, consisting of details about council rates, land size and usage, soil type, water accessibility and other elements that are essential for little farmers. If the procedure is taking too long, write a desire list (vital, preferable and non-essential) and send it to a variety of other regional representatives.

2. Inspect preparing limitations and legal obligations

Purchasing farmland includes a variety of legal duties consisting of:

the control of toxic weeds and insects,
animal well-being,
chemical usage,
Limit fences (along with public roadways),.
Fire preparation.

Three tiers of federal government-- federal, state and regional-- implement these and other laws. Before purchasing a little farm, contact the city government authority to make sure the home's zoning is suitable for its desired usage. The appropriate plan would be necessary farming, rural property or little agricultural holding.

Browse the home title to inspect if any easement contract (i.e., the right to utilize the home for a particular function), heritage, carbon or preservation cautions (3rd celebration rights over the residential or commercial property) or covenants (composed contract in between the seller and purchaser restricting land usage) are in location.

3. Examine farm facilities.

Farm facilities consist of a variety of objects. Plants need to match your prepare for the farm, and if it is appropriate or not present, you will have to think about the expense of carrying out or enhancing it. Understand regional council structure requirements (advancement approval) and constraints (e.g., one house per farm). Guarantee appropriate farm facilities consisted of in the sale is plainly marked on the very first page of the sale agreement.

4. Inspect access to services and markets.

Farmland and its range from markets can significantly increase the expense of farm inputs and the cost of offering items. Examine changes to swimming pool and provide comparable details with other little farmers in the location if markets are a long range away.

" Guarantee pertinent farm facilities consisted of in the sale is plainly marked on the very first page of the sale agreement."

Not all rural areas delight in simple access to energies and services frequently connected with contemporary life, such as healthcare, education, power, phone, water and web connections. Inspect that the required strengths are offered and if not, examine the expense of having them set up. Make sure farm gain access to is all weather condition (dry and damp) and if gain access to is through a dirt roadway, discover who is accountable for its upkeep.

5. Understand land and water.

A farm's soil type will straight affect the series of crops that can be grown and the land's viability for its desired function. Before purchasing farmland, you must ask for soil tests (or get previous test outcomes) and utilize these in combination with an onsite assessment to evaluate the viability of the soil. Check the farm for indications of land destruction (disintegration, salinity, and chemical contamination), as these can be expensive to fix. Examine farm water (quality and amount) for domestic, fire control, watering and animals functions. An extensive water test ($ 100) is beneficial before buy. Get in touch with the appropriate federal government authority relating to water rights and limitations if the farmland has to water.

6. Think about bugs and weeds.

Examine the farm for bug and weed problems. Seek advice from with an agronomist for a right recognition if you are not sure of regional stated weeds. Recognize prospective sources of weed and insect problems, consisting of a railway, neighboring land, water methods, state forests and gain access to roadways. Control of stated weeds on private property is the obligation of the owner.

7. Examine natural deposits.

Natural deposits-- consisting of remnant plant life and wildlife environments-- can be considerable ecological and farm possessions. Work that is most likely to influence on native greenery will need an authorization, which might be expensive and time-consuming to obtain.

8. Satisfy the neighbors and examine any land usage effects.

In backwoods, it is necessary to obtain on with your neighbors, especially if you are an absentee owner. When you are not present, Neighbours will be your ears and eyes. Check with neighbors concerning their land usage to guarantee your views are protected if you are purchasing a little farm for visual factors. If your desired land usage will affect neighbouring farms and whether this can trigger dispute, examine.

9. Be reasonable about farm abilities and understanding.

If you do not have the abilities or understanding to run the farm, examine if another aid is offered (i.e., professionals) and where you can go to increase your farming abilities and understanding.

Where to from here?

Before dedicating to purchasing farmland, it is useful to have somebody who is not mentally associated with the purchase accompany you on a farm examination. They might see something you do not. If that individual is familiar with farming and understands precisely what they're looking at, it's even much better. You can have one of our knowledgeable farm specialists perform a pre-purchase farm examination if you are thinking about purchasing a little farm and are uncertain whether the farm matches your requirements. This might show to be the very best small farm purchasing idea of all!

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